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TaDA (Tarda). Have you heard about Tada? An interesting name. Im sure if you heard it before you would remember. No! Doesnt ring any bells? Then how about 2b3 Productions? For those who read album credits that should ring a bell. 2b3, an integral part of the Black British music scene, were instrumental in kick starting Beverley Knights career and now bring you a new soul princess, Tada. If you like Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans or Keisha Cole then Tadas debut album In Honour Of Soul most definitely represents. This sultry South London based songstress has been keeping her talents on the down-low, but after a chat with the owner of her local record shop and a quick impromptu demonstration of her vocal abilities she was referred to 2b3. With her demos and songbook in hand, Tada met with Neville Thomas from 2b3 productions who was so impressed with her voice, her song writing and her eye-catching looks that he invited her to work with him and now a year later Tada is about to be unleashed onto the British public. Tada is currently in the studio putting the final touches to the last few tracks of what can safely be said is an amazing soul album and will showcase the UK in fine style. From the smooth soulfulness of Falling For You to the hiphop-soul of Into You, Tadas song writing talent is being professionally honed, and show a depth of skill and ability that should see her contributing material to other artistic projects (check out Tadas co-writes on the album of new boy band JP Mac). TaDA. Now that youve heard the name you know you wont forget it. Will you?