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Anglo-Czech and proud, off the wall does not even begin to describe female vocalist and MC V Double E. Her passion for performance, firmly rooted in her North West London upbringing, encouraged her to develop her creative skills and ultimately to pursue a career in music. Motivated by her brother, Drum and Bass DJ Rob Random, she initially began to perfect her own craft by performing alongside him at events.A popular performer, Vee has graced the stage at a number of significant Drum and Bass events including Movement, Xpressions, No Rest For The Wicked, Definition, Fizzy Friday and Technicality. She has also had the opportunity to take the V-Double-E experience to a wider audience in Israel and France. Vee currently holds a residency at Soul Sessions, a successful liquid Drum and Bass event promoted by Liquid DNB.Quirky, eclectic and totally unique, V-Double-E’s sound is a delightfully experimental blend of various musical genres. Although heavily influenced by Drum and Bass, she also gathers inspiration from the rhyming patterns and lyrical elements of Hip Hop and the unconventional vocal styles of artists like Lauryn Hill, Miss Dynamite and Amy Winehouse.Intricately woven with a number of everyday experiences ranging from the perils of public transport to 'that time of the month,' her witty lyrics inject a much-needed dose of vibrant reality into the relatively monochrome UK music scene. Dubbed by Knowledge Magazine as ‘a fresh female vocalist with catchy lyrics and a distinguished style,’ Vee represents an exciting new generation of urban artist, unafraid to transgress musical borders.Keen to develop her sound further and conquer more unchartered musical territory, V-Double-E has worked with some of the most exciting artists and producers in the UK scene, including Markan, Illmatika, Vision Express and superproducer Stereo Dan. Recently Vee has been working on acoustic sets with guitarist Gee, allowing her to explore different musical avenues and to further develop her own musical style.Many have already begun to take note of Vee, as she was also chosen to collaborate on London Urban Collective project ‘Inferno’ and was featured on the Channel 4 reality TV show Musicool. She was also one of the final five in the Phuturehype Female MC contest and had the opportunity to record the single ‘Phuture Journey’ alongside the other winners. DIY retail giant Homebase has even succumbed to Vee’s charms and her track ‘Teasing Me’ can now be heard playing in stores across the UK.Having already been given the seal of approval by prominent radio personalities, such as BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson and 1xtra’s Jenna G and Ras Kwame, her ‘quirkiness’ and individual sound have ensured that her music stands out from the flood of monotonous tunes polluting the airwaves today. Hard-working, focused and driven, this lyricist with attitude will surely continue to impact upon the UK scene for the foreseeable future. She is currently working on a number of projects that are sure to make some noise in the industry.