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   The Shabby Tinkerz

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The Shabby Tinkerz are the style of the underground sound clashing headfirst with the mainstream to wreck a stagnated British Music scene. The band do not shy away to defy convention and are able to mix many genres including dub, jazz, hip hop and drum n bass into their own unique brand of ‘urban dub culture’. It is music with a purpose… engaging, entertaining with well thought out structures and lyrical content that people of today will relate to. The band exploded onto the scene in June 2010 with their first E.P ‘2010 Draw’, which has been making waves since its release. With controversial subject matter as well as food for thought, the EP is a culmination of many styles that sits well with audiences both of mainstream and underground tastes. The Shabby Tinkerz use a range of instruments to achieve their sound including piano, sax, guitars, clarinet and a myriad of percussion. The sound is lifted further by blending soul style singing and an MC plus vocal support from the percussionist. Co front man Alfonso Jerome said: “The songs on the EP are quite varied but link into each other very well. We like to spit and sing about what matters, about the man in the tower who increasingly has more control over all of our everyday lives. In today’s current climate I think it is music that people will take notice of, make them think and most of all enjoy.”