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   Mizz Teejah

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Mizz Teejah has become the hottest name in the UK dancehall circuit right now. She stormed through all the rounds to get through to the UK UNSIGNED Reggae Finals in 2007 and won her place to represent the UK at the Tastees showcase in Jamaica. Mizz Teejah has a strong performance pedigree and is one of the most versatile performers around. She possesses a classical vocal range, as well as being able to dance and even host and present. Each year since 2007, she returns to Jamaica to develop her Mizz Teejah International Youth Project. This is based in Delacree Park in west Kingston Jamaica where the murder rate runs at between 4 - 6 people each day. The project seeks to provide the deprived youths within this ghetto community with a chance to showcase and develop their talent. It also seeks to provide them with the necessary skills to make their talent sustainable in order to allow them to earn regular income streams from their performance genres. As a performer, she is sure to cement her name on the UK and international dancehall scene for a very long time to come.