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I was born in GeorgeTown GUYANA, the second of five children. All my childhood musings, adventures and pranks had musical overtones. At school I joined the steels orchestra. At the age of 10 I was doing well, mastering all the different instruments in the steel orchestra, developing a natural ability to play and even sing at the same time. By the age of 15 I was able to do it all, arranging and teaching other newcomers how to play. Next I switched my attention to the guitar. It was a grueling task, being a self taught musician, but I persevered. I began writing my own compositions. In 1980 I was a founding member of the ILECT OF HIM crew, consisting of myself and 6 other musicians. We played together for over a decade before we split up and all went our separate ways. Now I am based in the UK (Bedford) - progressing my musical career as a singer, songwriter, arranger, musician and just about every other thing musical. I have many years worth of compositions that I have written. I feel it is my duty to teach LOVE, RESPECT and UNDERSTANDING through my music to this generation and generations to come, who struggle with life. I am now riding with the ALMIGHTY FATHER. I do my utmost best to spread my music for the world to listen to it. I have now had the pleasure to work with artists like Truth, Tamarra, Anton (Noughty) and many others. I will do my best for the ALMIGHTY, you all, & I self.