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I was born in Islington, St Mary Jamaica. 12 10 1980, I have 7 Brothers and 7 sisters. I was raised seperately by my father.I went to Water Valley Primary and then I finished Islington secondary school and started working from a very young age. I have always supported myself and beleive that hard work is the only way forward. I worked driving taxi cab and lorries and often sailed out to sea with my father to go fishing.Music always tugged at me. I have always been captured by musical sound and lyrics, how cleverly they were merged into one another to make sense, to create a message for anyone who cared to listen and take it on board.I used to listen to Louie Culture, Capelton, Beenie Man and so many more. I have a broad musical listening ear and do not have a favourite style of music I listen to as it all captures me depending on the mood I am in at the time.I started along the music career in 2009 when my sister suddenly passed away in a terrible car accident. Music was what took me out of the void I was falling into with her departure and it has been non stop ever since. I have received huge support and strong positive feedback worldwide, have been awarded the most improved artist of the year. I started performing in Leyton East London at a show case every Thusday night and have grown ever since. My stage name is Relentless and I got to make this music to the end because its lentless, Aaiight!!!