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   Mark NIel

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Mark Niel burst onto the Performance Poetry scene in 2008 and in an amazingly short space of time, Mark has come to the attention of leading Spoken Word organisations having won Slams with Apples and Snakes; Hammer and Tongue; Spiel and Farrago.   Mark’s laugh-out-loud funny poems and energetic performances never fail to make an impression. Whether despairing at his frequently misspelt name, raging at things that make him angry (that’s a long list by the way) or confessing his peccadilloes to an unsuspecting crowd his sets are stuffed full with humour, intelligence and changes of gear. To find “proper poems” that are genuinely moving rubbing shoulders with rants about the frustrations of Fridges in shared houses is a rare and expertly handled experience.   So if you thought Milton Keynes had nothing to offer except Concrete Cows and somewhere for Londoners to park and ride, then watch out because Mark is leading a poetic mission to make you change your mind. “Mighty Fine”                                                                        Elvis McGonagall   Visit Mark’s website: “A Kick in the Arts” www.akickinthearts.co.uk