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   L Dorrell

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I started Singing at the age of seven listening to tracks from the Jackson five, Frankie Paul, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley,  Johnny Nash, all the good stuff my folks enjoyed listening to. At twelve my ears steered towards the Jazz & Blues scene Artists like George Benson/Sade/Soul II Soul/Omar. I began Songwriting while in School, I’d come home and write every day. At college I studied Music Technology. There I learned about different kinds of music beyond just R&B & Hip-Hop, I picked up my first used guitar only 2 years ago, and began to write my own music. After college I spent 2 years writing with various underground Hip hop/Jungle/Dub artists such as Prizna, SlimD, The Planets, Red Rum and many more. Over time I have absorbed different melodies and rhythms and began taking my songwriting to a new level. My music has embraced both upon Reggae and R’n’B influences