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Album forthcoming from Speezy


            Los Angeles, CA – Urban musical stylist Speezy has a new album right around the corner. Waving the flag for the CD, entitled “Heart of a Leo,” is the snappy single “Rebuild the Nation (Move Forward),” a tune that proves that positive vibes exist in a musical culture often derided for negativity.


“Rebuild the Nation” demonstrates Speezy’s masterful mix of hip-hop hooks and R&B-soul sounds. Its marriage of substance and hit-making catchiness pops out bright and clear with shining melodies, grooves and bounce and a vocal presence that is one of a kind. Riveting lyrics delivered by a woman who is capable of swinging back and forth between rap and singing without missing a beat (truly a blessing in a beat-oriented genre!) crackle across the instrumental bedrock of crisp production, melodicism as sassy as this artist and movement-inducing, dance-or-die hooks.


“Rebuild the Nation” uses popular appeal to draw attention to the economic crisis in her home country, as well as global issues such as civil war, poverty and natural disasters. “This is a world peace anthem outlining the collapse of democracy, the division of a people, the cries of a nation and the pleas of a continent,” says Speezy.


Speezy’s compositional flavor, arrangements and delivery are distinctive – she even incorporates three different languages on some tracks.


This 24-year-old U.K. resident transplanted from Zimbabwe is doggedly and determinedly making headway in the underground hip-hop scene with a sound that makes its mark with originality instead of copycat derivation. Genre staples find new life through her unique style and creativity. Her colorful cultural background is reflected by her artistic diversity and brings a dazzling sparkle (that’s much more than mere glitter) that is downright inspiring. Speezy captivatingly merges commercial pull with songwriting integrity. There’s a mark on her head and it’s called success.


Besides being an outstanding composer and performer, Speezy is also an accomplished producer. She brings an ethnic flavor to contemporary urban music brought into sharp focus by the sunglasses-on-please gleam of her production skills. (Besides all this, she is a talented dancer, poet, artist and designer.) She writes, sings and produces all her own material. In addition to her recording prowess, she has performed heavily in a variety of venues – and even appeared on underground radio!


Speezy’s music is the proof of her philosophy: “The mind is the most powerful weapon known to man – with it your enemies are always on guard.”


She is currently working with A&R Select, the premier A&R firm based out of Los Angeles, CA. More information is available by visiting www.myspace.com/indispeezy and www.arselect.com.