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   Jenna Dwyer

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From an early age of 13, Jenna Dwyer began to teach herself how to play the guitar and piano. By 16 she had recorded her first demo at Empire Records, working with the likes of Trevor Carter (Delta Goodrem, Missy higgins, Nickleback), and Mandy Kane. At 17 she entered Australian Idol, landing in the top 50. At 18 She re entered Australian Idol, being cut before the top 30. At 19 she signed officially to Empire Records, and has now moved to the UK to pursue music abroad. A lot of producing was also done with Australian Chart cracker Marc Collis, who is releasing his debut album this month on mainstream radio. Jenna also completed a feature film due for North American release early 2011 called "From Parts Unknown", a sci-fi action film involving maniac zombies and based around professional female wrestling. Very quirky...