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Flawless made their first apearance as a dance group in the 2005 UK UNSIGNED competition in Enfield. In that year they went on to win the trophy as the best dance group with a unanimous vote by the judges.


Since then they have gone from strength to strength. They have appeared in countlees music videos, performed with some of the biggest US names on tour, performed on mainstream terrestrial televsion and last year they were crowned the World Street Champions.


Flawless work hard to maintain their status as the number one dance group in the UK. On the latest stop of their journey to total stardom, they stormed their way to becoming amongst the favourites to win Britains Got Talent. This was done in a performance that even had Simon Cowell on his feet for a standing ovation. Look out for their work in the community as they launch a range of training programmes for up and coming dancers.