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Take a talented young man with a passion for music and eclectic mixture of soul, R&B, Jazz, Urban and Hip Hop and you have JAYSON!! Born into a musical family with both parents being singer/songwriters in their own right with several other family members involved in the field of entertainment, as they say, “JAYSON was born to sing”!

It was almost as if JAYSON was being groomed for STARDOM because as an infant of 4 weeks, JAYSON spent the first 6 weeks of his life in the exclusive personal offices of non other than SIR PAUL McCARTNEY and the latte LINDA McCARTNEY whilst his mother, Audrey worked in the offices below.

Paul also invited the baby JAYSON to the works Christmas Party and held him in his arms too so obviously GENIUS RUBBED OFF!

At the tender age of 11 months, even before this young man could walk, JAYSON tottered into his parents recording studio and started banging on individual notes of the keyboard , he sung the notes pitch perfect.

And has never stopped singing since!

“There was a time when we were growing up” says JAYSON “when times were extremely hard and we had to sell our stereo, radio or TV, can you believe that!”

Anyway my mother tried to devise clever ways to keep us occupied so she created lots of singing games which involved us singing in Harmony. I suppose that’s when my singing probably begun as me, my sister and mum still singing three part harmonies to this day .

Just turned 18,JAYSON was a Rapology Finalist at the age of standing at 6 feet 9 inches tall he currently plays basketball for the England U18 Basketball Team and has also done extensive travelling around Europe playing for the Brixton Topcats .

JAYSON recently supported SHALAMAR and is now being sought by some major music contacts