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   Soulful Abstraction

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Soulful Abstraction hook is mixing dance, jazz and soul  music on their CD Album; ’Digital Age’ which was released in early January 2009.

Detroit own Soulful Abstraction bill themselves as the "electronic, jazz, dance band that compels people to move." For the past two years, they have been performing their music on internet radio.  With their popular release "Hey, McDuff" and "I’ve Got the Victory" off the album Abstract Dreams. These singles was the "Song of the Year"
supporting VH1 Save The Music Foundation award-winners
which made the band
 internet radio top played artist.  Shoo Bop Records is the launched pad for the "Vision" cd album. "Soulful Abstraction are popular with indie people whom are electronica or jazz enthusiast."

Their album promises to groove the dancefloor or have you chillin’ . ’Digital Age’ includes the tracks "A Soulful Groove", "Eurosport" and the feature track "Detroit Life/Chicago Nights". You can preview "Digital Age" on their
myspace site