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   James Edge

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Born in Birmingham has spent most of his life chilling and getting by without trying particularly hard. just going with the flow of life. has a past that does not include any singing just bad stories of him getting in trouble because his life was just meeting his mates and having a good time like any normal person. but then when people started saying he could sing a few years back he has been staying of the streets and hitting the stage ever since and not looking back. worships the gods of swing and loves the life of wearing suits smoking cigarres and wearing bowler caps and the cool genre of singing swing. is going from a shower singer to a real star of the stage and is  going to shine. now spends most of his time with his friends that are into the hiphop scene adding his own unique twists to songs.   James Edge is 18 years old. 6 foot tall, of a  slim toned build. short spikey hair. big white smile. originally a swing singer but very diverse with all kinds of genres especially RNB. plays basketball in his spair time and also loves to entertain and make people laugh. when james is on stage he will not just sing with talent he will also entertain you and leave you with either a smile on your face or the hairs standing up on the back of your kneck.