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   Smash Yo Records

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New digital label with the purpose of mixing/mastering and promoting you and your tracks - getting you out there basically…while making sure you can pay rent… All the tools are here, and we will be releasing as soon as there is something to release… Help us out in starting and mention us on twitter - @smashyorecords or suggest us to your friends that you know as good artists or people that you know would like to listen to your tracks and let’s get this rolling… submit any music you make, mastered or unmastered http://facebook.com/smashyorecords or as a link http://soundcloud.com/smashyorecords or mp3 e-mail attachment to smashyorecords@yahoo.co.uk BE CAREFUL! IF THE TRACK CAN BE DOWNLOADED ANYWHERE(LEAKED) SUBMISSION FOR THE LABEL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR RELEASE! ;)